Mortgage Rate Sites 

Mortgage Rate Sites

THE MORTGAGE INDUSTRY TODAY IS BOOMING! With real estate values climbing and interest rates at an all time low, homeowners are able to obtain great savings through refinancing and also finding benefits in obtaining cash-out from their home's equity

Today's interest rates for prime borrowers on a 15 year loan starts at 4.25% and 30 year loans are at 4.75%. Sub-prime rates start at 5.75%..

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Many homeowners are refinancing their current mortgage loans to lower their interest rate and lower their monthly principal and interest payment. The way mortgage loans are designed, you pay both principal and interest every month. The key to paying off a loan is to keep the monthly minimum principal and interest payment low. Anything extra goes all directly into principal. By adding to the minimum payment every month you will cut the loan by a few years in the backend.

There are several situations where refinancing becomes a benefit. The rule to refinancing is that when you are able to lower your interest rate by more than a percentage point, you will exceed the cost to savings ratio. But with today's low rates, many homeowners are cutting their rates by more than 4 percentage points.

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